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Corinne Griffith

11/21/1894 to 7/13/1979
Corinne was a popular star of the silent movies. She started her film career at Vitagraph in 1916. She later moved to First National where she became one of their big stars. At the height of her popularity, she was known as the "Orchid Lady of the Screen". ’Black Oxen (1924)' was one of her most popular films. In 1925 she made the film 'DeClasse' in which a young extra named Clark Gable appeared. Corinne received an Academy Award nomination for her work in 'The Divine Lady (1929)', but sound did not embrace her in the same way that the silent films had. Music was a popular device used in many early sound movies, but Corinne quickly proved not to be a singer. Also her acting style became wooden. Her last Hollywood film was released in 1930. After appearing in an English film in 1932, she retired.
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