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Arlene Dahl

8/11/1928 to
Arlene graced the big screen during the postwar period. Audiences were captivated by her beauty, and the way she used to it to her advantage, progressing from claimer to character roles.

Of Norwegian extract, Miss Dahl was born in Minneapolis. Following high school, she joined a local drama group supporting herself with a variety of jobs. These included modelling for a number of department stores.

In Hollywood by 1946, she signed a brief contract with Warner Brothers, but she is best remembered for her work at MGM. The Bride Goes Wild (1948) was her first work at Metro.

Although her beauty captivated audiences, it ultimately limited her to claimer roles, and the mark she made at MGM was small. Some of her best films were: The Black Book (1949), Three Little Words (1950), Womans World (1954/I), Slightly Scarlet (1956), and Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1959).

Leaving films behind her in 1959, her typecasting would pay off financially as she became a beauty columnist and writer. She later established herself as a business woman, founding Arlene Dahl Enterprises which marketed lingerie and cosmetics.

She was married six times; her husbands included actors Lex Barker and Fernando Lamas. She is the mother of actor / action star Lorenzo Lamas, and made a guest appearance in his film Night of the Warrior (1991).
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