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Hairloss and Hair Confidence

Does having healthy full looking hair give a better self image, self-confidence or self esteem? Can there possibly be any truth in the legend of Samson- whose strength lay in his hair?

Hair LossIt is more universally seen that men suffer more than women in hair thinning, falling hair and baldness compared to women. So does this mean that men's psyche and morale is more affected than women?

Ravi Bhanot, an expert in hair loss, does not believe it is that easy to come to this conclusion. "There are various reasons why men and women could have a lower morale. This could be due to stress perhaps from losing a job or a loved one. A lot of women who do not have hair loss or hair thinning may time to time have a decreased self worth or self confidence."

In Ravi Bhanot's book, Hair Today…Hair Tomorrow he says everything happens twice -first in the mind than in reality." Increased confidence and happiness has more to do with how the individual is thinking and acting than with hair loss or hair thinning. Having said this for a large number of people having their hair and it looking healthy has a lot to do with confidence."

Sue from North London says, "My hair started becoming thinner a few years back and they had become so fragile and thin that it did not resemble the hair I had a few years previously. I looked older. My friends would ask me whether I was enjoying good health after seeing my hair!

Can anything be done to slow the tide of increasing hair loss and hair thinning?
The causes and treatment in men and women is different. Ravi Bhanot says, "Hair loss in women can be due to different reasons to that for men. A different approach in treatment needs to be considered."

Experts all agree that inadequate diet (particularly in vitamins and minerals and increased intake of processed foods), hereditary, hormonal imbalance, increased stress levels and depression have resulted in increased hair loss.

So what can you do? In the last few years there has been an increased rise in younger men opting for hair transplant. But this can be expensive and painful and may not be the preferred route for the majority of people. So what is the best way approach to keeping your hair for longer?

"We believe the answer lies in an acronym, NUTRI. Nutrition, Using non-harsh chemical hair products, Training or exercising to improve blood flow and hence nutrients to the scalp, Routine of removing toxins through massaging, hair styling and way of washing your hair and Imaging the hair you want.", says Ravi Bhanot

"Hair should be gently washed with a non-harsh chemical shampoo which volumizes hair. This alone can make the hair look thicker. A water based Scalp serum should be used to clean the hair daily to minimize bacterial or fungal crustation and to give nutrients to the scalp and hair roots." Ravi Bhanot, Nutrigro Hair Products

Best way to shampoo hair

1. Brush hair before washing- to lose dead skin build up

2. Use a natural non-harsh chemical shampoo- to minimize stripping too much oil from the hair

3. Wet the hair with warm water- to open up the pores and increase blood circulation

4. Rub a small amount of shampoo in with your hands and cover the head with shampoo 2-3 times.
Start from the front working to the nape of the head with finger tips

5. Wash off foam with warm water- removing dirt and grease

6. Wash off hair with cold water - helps shrink pores back to normal size

7. Massage head- to improve blood circulation

8. Dry the hair by blotting with a towel- to minimize rubbing of already weakened hair

9. Comb or brush hair after it has been dried

10. Style hair but do not overstretch

11. Brush hair at least twice daily

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