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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Having fun is your first priority. Take this opportunity to explore unfamiliar territory. You will be delighted by what you find. Whether it's travelling to a country that is off the beaten path, watching a movie you'd ordinarily avoid or following an intriguing reading recommendation is immaterial. The important thing is to expand your horizons. You've always had definite opinions about what you love. By putting your taste aside for the sake of something different, you'll have a transformative experience. Call the Leo advice line 0905 506 5525 to hear why you may need to put your own needs and desires before those of the people around you. You're not being selfish; you just need to feel you are moving forward in life. Calls cost 75p/min from a BT Landline. http://www.russellgrant.com RGA PO Box 322, WA15 8YL.

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All Leo's have high standards and they don't like to let themselves or anyone else down. They enjoy being seen as a person of substance and status, and prefer to be in a position to help others rather than approaching them cap in hand. Leo's pride would not allow them to live or work in a situation that they consider as 'beneath' them. They are far more comfortable working in an exciting area where they can jet off to glamorous places and influence the more mundane members of planet Earth.

Leo's won't stand for being treated with contempt or ridicule, but they are very aware of other people's need for dignity, so they are rarely offensive or hurtful. Leo's can become surprisingly downhearted on occasion, but they don't usually stay depressed for long and their confidence returns fairly quickly. The thing that saves most Leo's in hard times is their joyful sense of humour. Leo's faults include impatience and a tendency to over dramatise problems. They become irratable when things go wrong and quite sarcastic when ill, under pressure or over-tired. Leo's live in the fast lane, working and playing very hard. However they must remember to build in some rest and recovery time. They can be pushy parents because they want their children to achieve as much as they have - and exceed it. Leo's encourage their children to become independant.

Leo's are generous and kind and will do anything to help others, especially their family. They excel as a family member and enjoy keeping in touch with relatives although are not the type to cling. As a marriage partner, Leo's are very loyal and dependable, as long as they're feeling loved and at the center of the family network. It is very unlikely for Leo's to have a fling simply out of curiosity, although if they are feeling undervalued and unloved by those around them, it may lead in that direction.

Leo's love the best of everything. They love to travel to smart places and to holiday in five-star comfort. Their values are traditional and although there are a few rogue Leo's around who seem to have no standards at all, these are untypical.

Tarot Card: Queen of Wands

Mythological Reference is: Penelope

The Queen of Wands is depicted seated upon a throne decorated with lions' heads, with a lioness lying peacefully at her feet. The lion is the symbol for Leo. This card expresses the artistic and imaginative talents of the zodiac sign Leo. While managing their strength and energy to attain their goals, they can possess the organisational skills needed, especially if it earns them recognition. This sign is competitive and likes to win, while on the other hand they are loyal and generous to those they love. They possess qualities of warmth, sincerity and affection. Negative qualities are pride, vanity and a tendency to show off.


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Nearly Perfect Partners: Gemini, Libra

Like Minded Souls: Leo

Opposites You're Attracted To: Capricorn, Pisces

Learn From Your Differences: Cancer, Virgo

Not Your Destiny: Scorpio, Taurus

Astrological Hell: Aquarius

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