UKH Hairstyles

To use you own image

1. Click browse button on menu.
2. Browse to the location of that image on your PC
(in your image you must be facing forward with your hair tied out of the way and you face being the majority of your picture)
3. Your image will be displayed in the left panel.
4. Using the facial resize buttons, resize your image so your face is roughly the same size as the example image provided.

Problems uploading?

There may be several reasons why you are having problems uploading your image but the most common are as follows..
1. Image wrong type.
Image must be a .jpg or a .gif. All other image formats will not be recognised and will be rejected.
2. Image name contains illegal characters. The name of the image must be plain text and must not use illegal characters such as ? * / etc. If you are having problems try renaming the image to something simple like myface.jpg.
3. Image too large.
Images must be smaller than 50K. If you image is larger than this it may be because the image dimensions are too large. Try re-sizing it and trying again. If you do not know how to do this then use the feature below to risize you image to an acceptable size.

Saving your image

To save your image simply Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and then press the PrtSC/SysRq key. This copies the current screen onto your clipboard where it can then be pasted into an art package like PAINT. Crop the image as desired.

Hold Down the ALT key

Then press the PrtSC/SysRq key

Then Open Paint

Start >>> All Programs >>>Accessories >>>Paint

Then Click on Edit and then paste

This will paste your image into paint. You will notice that the image also contains the controls etc. To remove all this you need to crop the image or copy the area you wish to keep and paste it as a new image.
Click on the select button and draw a box around just your area of the full image that you want to keep. Click Edit and then Copy. Click Edit and Paste to paste your new image and save.