A Short Blonde Straight Womens Hairstyle from The Seanhanna Collection

short blonde Hairstyles


Hair by Sean Hanna art team which consist of hairstylists who are really interested in the creative side of the job, who love hair, who want to experiment with it and take it to new limits and explore new ideas. they assist on photographic shoots - for makeovers, magazines, on the catwalk and at shows and seminars. They often work under pressure but they love it!

the senior art team are very experienced at putting together collections, seminars and shows which are staged around the world, and each member of the team has won prestigious awards in the industry. use the gallery menu to view the art team collections.

sean hanna have a junior and a senior art team. Each team is hand-picked carefully. at junior level, we are always on the lookout to spot new, fresh talent. enthusiasm and creativity, combined with good technical skills.

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SEANHANNA Short Blonde Female Straight Spikey Womens Haircut Hairstyles

sharon aspin
  lovely funky style with a punky twist i luv it the colour aswel.  


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