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A Long Blonde Straight Womens Hairstyle from The La Biosthetique Collection

La Biosthetique

Hair: The La Biosthetique Artistic Team
Cut & styling: Alexander Dinter & Kathrin Zenk
Colours: Andrea Bennett & Marc Riese
Photography: Markus Jans
Cut: Long, layered look with strong, contrasting colour effects that are positioned at the sides. The fringe is long and soft, glamorous and rather randomly styled at the sides. The look lives from its texture and movement that is supported by various lengths in the top hair.
Colour: A light beige-blonde with soft cream-blonde highlights along the parting gives this blonde a natural character. For a striking editorial colour effect, contrasting multicolour highlights are added to the side lengths. This effect is tinted under the parting using a back-to-back slicing technique. The colour look can be worn straight or wavy. The colour effects gradually fade as you wash the hair. The effect is thus temporary and can be constantly reinterpreted.

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