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Crisis Measures
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Strange but true!!
Last minute phone call? Hair in a dreadful state? Reach for the kitchen cupboard, and use...
Your Crisis Measure:

Egg Head?

Ran out of shampoo?
Beat two fresh eggs in a cup of warm water. Massage the mixture through your hair. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes then rinse with tepid water.
Warning: Don't use hot water to rinse hair or you'll end up with scrambled egg on your hair!
From: Amanda
Pritt Stick

I recommend Pritt stick for those unwanted curls. Rinse hair with warm water to remove.
From: Jane

For a brilliant deep conditioning treatment liquidize a banana, add some wheatgerm oil, and a few drops of aromatherapy oil (to counteract the banana smell) spread through middle to end of hair lengths and leave for a while. Wash and condition hair as normal after, and Voila! silky soft tresses.
From: Kat D

Yes, coke! Pour a can of Coke (Sprite if you are blonde) into a spray bottle with some water then mist onto damp hair. This creates a very sexy texture.

Apply to damp hair before sculpting creating a really smooth style and texture for a sophisticated look.

Problem with dandruff? Dissolve some Aspirin in a dandruff shampoo and the problem will clear up fast.
Fabric Softner

If you run out of conditioner - using fabric softner will do the trick!
Cling Film

Apply a rinse out conditioner to freshly washed hair - wrap head in cling film and leave for 20 mins. Hey presto - a salon style conditioning for FREE!
From: Katrina Doran
Talcum Powder

If your blonde and have greasy hair and don't have time to wash is lightly sprinkle your hair with talcum powder. It'll stop your hair looking greasy instantly! but remember to wash it out!
From: Amanda
Cucumber Cocktail

For dehydrated hair....

Blend an egg, a tablespoon of olive oil and a quarter oif cucumber in a food mixer. Cover your hair with the mixture and leave for ten minutes. Rinse with luke warm water and you will be left with softer silkier hair!
From: Amanda
Olive Oil

To tame curly hair, use just a dime size(depending on hair length) of olive oil and mix it with your favorite styling product. Voila!! Tamed curly hair
From: Tina

For all those blondes whose hair has turned kharki green due to chlorine in a swimming pool - use a lemon to neutralise the chlorine and restore your natural blonde colour.
From: Clair Baker

For blonde hair with a slightly green tint from chlorine, pour ketchup on to wet hair, washing out in a couple of minutes. The red tone neutralises the green leaving lovely golden locks.
Maple Syrup

Massage on to dry hair leaving for half an hour before shampooing. This will say goodbye to split ends and frizz.

A splash of vodka removes any product build-up.

Washing hair with beer gives it more body.
Always after a wash, rinse your hair with vinegar and warm water and leave for 3 minutes and rinse for beautiful shiny hair.
From: Rebecca
Washing up Liquid

If you've done your own permanent dye job and the colour is far too strong use fairy liquid as shampoo, as it strips the colour out quicker than normal shampoo
From: Ruth
Beers How!

When washing your hair with beer, what you need to do is mix up one part beer and three parts water and pour over your hair for the final rinse and you'll be left with super-shiny hair
From: Amanda

Put real mayonnaise, not miracle whip, on your hair over night with a plastic cap. This promotes stronger strands and growth
From: H. Dorsey .
Old Rags

Old rags can create perfect ringlets with damp hair-simply cut into strips and wrap 2inch sections of hair around and leave over night
From: Amy

If you have frizzy hair and all you long for is sleek hair, then use 2 medium size blobs of mayonnaise into your hair then rinse and condition as usual - it works wonders!
From: Melanie
Lemon Juice

For volume - Mix the juice of one lemon with 100ml of water and put into a spray bottle. Spray lightly through your hair, then blow dry. The acidity of the lemon juice swells the strands giving volume. Remember though if out in the sun the lemon will lighten your hair so take this into consideration.
From: Amanda
Olive Oil,Jojoba & Honey

mix 1/4 cup olive oil,1/4 cup almond oil,1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and 1 tablespoon of honey on your hair rinse with warm water. BAM! prettiest hair you have ever seen!! Do not put more than one teablespoon of honey - you will come out with sticky hair.
From: Rakel

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