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• Gain an NVQ
• Foundation Degree in Hairdressing
• Financing your idea
• Market Research
• Prepare a Business Plan

• Health & Safety
• Become an Employer
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Considering opening a salon?

Opening your own hair salon

Opening your own salon often comes as the next logical step for an experienced hairdresser who’s working for someone else. Perhaps you want to be your own boss or you can see an opportunity to fill a gap in the market, providing a service that no one else in your location is doing.

Setting up and running your own salon is a challenge and there are key steps you will need to take:

• Research the local market
• Prepare a business plan
• Get funding for your salon
• Become an employer
• Health and safety
• Insurance
Before you start, ask yourself the following questions:

Where are you customers going to come from?
A survey of our readers suggests most people choose a hairdresser based on location or on recommendation. Your current employment contract may prevent you from contacting your existing clients to tell them about your salon, so you can’t rely on taking them with you. It is essential you do some local market research to get a realistic idea of whether you’ll have enough customers.

How will you fund your business?
Setting up a salon can be expensive. Renting/buying the premises, fixtures and fittings, hair products and equipment will all need to be in place before you open. You may not be busy initially, but you will still have bills and wages to pay. Learn more in our section on getting funding for your salon.

Do you have the necessary business skills?
You may be an expert stylist, but do you know how to run a business? There will be bills to pay, accounts and records to keep and regulations to comply with – both for the business and any staff you employ. Do you have any experience of recruiting and managing staff? Do you know how to promote your business? To help you succeed, it is important you have a business plan for your new salon. If you’re going to be applying for funding from somewhere else, a good business plan is essential.

The hairdressing industry is a competitive one, but if you have hairdressing expertise, a good business plan and the determination to succeed there is no reason why you can’t have a successful salon.

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