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 Celebrity Revenge!!....
 Just for fun

At last your chance to get revenge on those celebrities that are TOO good looking for their own good. They wont look so gorgeous when you've given them a bit of plastic surgery!

Just for laughs.......of course!.

If you have Windows XP and this feature does not function then you may need to download Java.
Click here to go to download Java.

Left click the image and drag a line. When you let go the image will stretch along this line giving an often humorous deformation of the original.

Tip: Lots of small stretches are better than one big one! Have fun!.

You can use Screen Thief to capture the final image and if you want you can send them in to us and we will display the best ones.


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Suggest a star for surgery

Images should be no bigger than 280 x 350 pixels. (Only this area will be displayed)
Alyssa Milano Hugh Grant Mariah Carey
Angelina Jolie Janet Street Porter Marilyn Monroe
Ashanti Jenifer Lopez Martine McCutcheon
Ashlee Simspon Jessica Simpson Matt Dillon
Avril Lavigne Jodie Marsh Mel B
Beyonce Knowles Johhny Depp Mel C
Brad Pitt JoJo Melinda Messenger
Britney Spears Jordan Michael Jackson
Cameron Diaz Jennifer Garner Michelle Pfiefer
Catherine Zeta Jones Jodie Marsh Myleene Klass
Chad Michael Murray Julia Roberts Natalie Imbruglia
Christine Aguilera Justin Timberlake Natalie Portman
Claire Richards Katie Holmes Orlando Bloom
Cory Haim Keira Knightly Pamela Anderson
Courtney Cox Kenny Chesney Paris Hilton
David Boreanaz Kylie Minogue Pink
David Hasselhoff Lee Latchford-Evans Reese Witherspoon
Eminem Leslie Ash Renee Zelwegar
Faye Tozer Lindsay Lohan Ricky Martin
Gareth Gates Lisa Kudrow Sandra Bullock
Geri Halliwell Lisa Scott-Lee Sarah Michelle Geller
Goldie Hawn Liv Tyler Shakira
Gwen Stephani Liz Hurley Vin Diesel
H Louise Redknapp Zoe Birkett
Hilary Duff Madonna  
Holly Valance Mandy Moore  


From: Anne
Message: Melinder Messenger!

Melinda messenger

From: Natalie
Message: I would like to nominate Liz Hurley , so we can pump into her lips some more!

Liz Hurley

From: Edie
Message: My sister and I had fun with the revenge celebrity makeovers on your page. We're including our version of J-lo who we now call Sancho Lopez. We think that J-lo looks better as a member of Menudo than a Latina Popstar. Hehe. We also think Pamela anderson should be on the revenge page... I'd like to squish her face into nothingness... maybe then she'll dissapear! While you're at it, David Hasselhoff is not a bad idea either. Anyways, enjoy the male version of J-lo.. We definately have;) ~Edie

Pamela Anderson

David Hasselhoff

From: Teresa
Message: He really gets on my nerves and I think it's about time hugh grant should see what he really looks like!

Hugh Grant

From: Teresa
Message: Me and my friend both agree on these ******* (you can imagine for yourself) coz they think they r all that but their faces need serious 'improvements'. Please do us both a favour?

Geri Halliwell


From: Jordan and Braenna
Message: Hey, We just gotta see how much damage we can do to Alyssa Milano and her beautiful face!!

Alyssa Milano

From: Sofie
Message: Why not have some more blokes like Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt

From:Mosh Rashden
Message: David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

From:Zafar Iqbal
Message: please please do us all a big favour and put Ricky Martin up for revenge cos he is TOTALLY in love with himself! from selma and aaisha

Ricky Martin

Message:Kylie! Yes I loved her when I was 10! But now she really needs a makeover... :)

Kylie Minogue

From:Brittney Maness
Message:I suggest Mandy Moore because she is a very pretty lady and has style from head to toe. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy Moore

Message:I suggest Jordan (big bossoms), then we can all show her what she truely looks like. What has she made off herself? Love Jade


From: Jaqueline
Message:I'd like to nominate Jessica Simpson, Renee Zelweger and Reese Witherspoon. I think Renee Zelweger is already ugly, and the others are too pretty for their own good. It would be nice to have some fun. Jacqueline

Jessica Simpson
Renee Zelwegar
Reese Witherspoon

From: Jamie
Message: Please could I nominate Steps as they're all gorgeous especially Faye.I also want to see if I can scrunch Claires nose up more than she does!!

Lee Latchford-Evans
Lisa Scott-Lee
Faye Tozer
Claire Richards

Message:I think Mariah Carey because a she has got everything she needs and because she is and thinks she is one of them PRETTY GIRLS.

Mariah Carey

Message: I would nominate Shakira....because her fake look makes me sick!!!!!! I would rather mess up her face and show everyone her real look!!!!!!! GRRR!!!!!


From: JLRC
Message: I would like to nominate Avril Lavigne because she's so ugly and acts like she's a tart all the time.I would love tear her face up!!! : (

Avril Lavigne

From: I want to see PINK up for REVENGE coz she's great. But she is too pretty at the moment.
Message: Tasha


From: Kitty
Message: I want to see Victoria Beckham please, coz she just does my head in!

Victoria Beckham

From: Caroline
Message: How about some more male lovelies - Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Gareth Gates? Go on, pleeeeease

Orlando Bloom
Johhny Depp
Gareth Gates

From: Googlemonster
Message: Leslie ash cos i wanna stretch her lips su'more, besides she lies too much so i might have 2 make a reduction!!!

Leslie Ash

From: Sarah
Message: We would like to nominate Cameron Diaz because she is dating justin and is too old.

Cameron Diaz

From: Jaime
Message: I would like you to put marilyn monroe on because i would love to muck up her FACE.

Marilyn Monroe

From: Soni
Message:hey, how about putting chad michael murray and goldie hawn up for plastic surgery. He doesn't need much help he already looks like he could have played 'Limbo' on 'Planet of the Apes,' without a costume, but I would love to distort them anyway.

Chad Michael Murray

Goldie Hawn

From: Elaine
Message: I think janet street-porter on im a celeb should go under the knife because she needs it and a new hair colour.

Janet Street Porter

From : Nerida
Message: I nominate Paris Hilton for revenge because I just dont like her.

Paris Hilton

From: John
Message: Please put Hilary Duff for revenge!! i hate her shes so messed up with her carrer and i want to see her as no body would like to!! please put hilary duff for revenge!!

Hilary Duff

From: Lucy
Message: I would like to nominate Catherine Zeta Jones for 'Plastic Surgery' because I think she loves herself and everyone should love her. I would love to see her face all smooshed up

From: Anonymous
Message: I think Natalie Imbruglia cos my boyfriend fancies her and she is absolutley gorgeous! and I hate her for being so pretty
From: Carol
Message: I would like to see Julia Roberts on your revenge page because everyone says she is beautiful and I don't agree. I want to see if I can make her mouth even bigger!
From: Charlene
Message: I would like to nominate Jennifer Lopez for the revenge page. Me thinks she is too pretty and me thinks me would love to see her with a mashed in face Xxx :-)

Jenifer Lopez

From: Anonymous
Message: Britney Spears . She's full of herself and I'd like to smash her face!

From: Emily
Message: I'd like to nominate Myleene Klass from Hear'say because she is far too gorgeous. I want to see her with a mis-shapen face. Thank you.
Myleene Klass

From: Clive
Message: I'd like to see Christina Aguilera with a mashed up face. She loves herself soo much! She's trashy!! Please make my dream come true.

Christine Aguilera

From: Anonymous
Message: Martine McCutcheon.

Martine McCutcheon

From: Michelle Taylor
Message: I think that Mel C (SPORTY SPICE) Because she slagged off here'say she said they were a bad name for pop. I think she should of kept her sick thought to her ugly self . I used to like her music but now she has gone down hill a lot. I hate her now

Message: Gwen Stephani from the band No Doubt should be on the revenge page cuz she aint all she thinks she is

From:Rachael Smith
Message: Please add gwen stefani to this..I hate her so much..she just doesn't seem like a good person to me at all and my boyfreind thinks she's hot but I don't see why. I think she's completely disgusting just the way she is. but it would be fun to be able to mess with her face a bit. Thanks

Gwen Stephani

From: Jessica
Message: Louise Redknapp. I think she is far too pretty to get away without surgery!!

Louise Redknapp

Message:I think Matt Dillion should get "Plastic Surgery" because that guy is really hot and for once he needs to look really ugly.

Matt Dillon

Message: I would like to sugesst Katie Holmes from Dawsons Creek cus she is always happy never sad and has such a cute face that u wanna slap her
love polly xoxox

Katie Holmes

From: Pinheiro

Mel B

Message:I would like to nominate Eminem for 'Revenge' because...he's ugly and I'm jealous, because all he has to do is cuss and talk fast, and he gets an enormous cult following him around.


Message:I would like to nominate Beyonce Knowles for a facelift, because she is basically a tart

Beyonce Knowles

From:Diedre Newman
Message: Cory Haim

Cory Haim

From: Natasha
Message: I want to get revenge on Justin Timberlake coz he's just so lush I would like to see him on a BAD DAY!

Justin Timberlake

From: Natasha
Message: I would like to see Zoe Birkett from Pop Idol coz she's so full of herself we'll give her something to knock her down a peg or two!

Zoe Birkett


Liv Tyler

From: Bren
Message: Can you put Michael Jackson's picture in the celebrity revenge section??? It looks like his face has already been tampered with, I would love to mangle it a bit more or try and see what he would look like as a normal person

Michael Jackson

From: Tom
Message: Can we see Holly Valance so I can remove some of those good looks.

Holly Valance

From: Ally
Message: i wanna do do my sis cat a fav coz she HATES keira knightly (only coz she is jealous of her kisses hotties and gettin rich)so plz do that

Keira Knightly

From: Joyce
Message: Ashanti i'd love to mess with her face


From: Country Girl
Message: I was wondering if you could put Kenny Chesney on the celebrity revenge thing i like to mess with his face lol thanks a bunch

Kenny Chesney

From: Dan Hopkins

Faith Hill

From: Jamie
Message: I would like to nominate JoJo the singer!! She is to pretty for her own good and i think she is a bit stuck up so i would like to see what she lookes like!!!! Please Please Please put her on!!!


From: Angie
Message: I think Mandy Moore should b/c she is soo pretty and it would be pretty funny to see her face all smooshed up!!

Mandy Moore

From: ComeUndone30
Message: I nominate lisa kudrow cos she is the funniest girl ever espeially in the tv programme 'friends'

Lisa Kudrow

From: Sarah
Message: I'd like to nominate Angelina Jolie because I think she is full of herself and I really don't like her. Shame on her for stealing Brad - although he's an idiot for not realising that she'll ditch him as soon as she sees the next husband she wants to nick

Angelina Jolie

This page contains real comments and opinions of our readers, only explicit language will be removed, otherwise all messages are left in their original content.
These opinions may not be agreeable to all but should be taken in the way that the page is meant and that is just for fun.
The opinions stated on this page are not those held by or any staff and should be treated accordingly.

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