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Italian Style
Rome, a fashion capital in its own right. True Italian style starts here in the Capital. With huge names such as Gucci, Louis Vitton, Armani and Versacae the look of class can only be completed with a hairstyle to wow the millions.
We knew big hair was coming back, hitting the South first, London and surrounding cities, and now its gone continental. The old saying 'when in Rome' can take a literal stance with the market of hair sporting long tousled curls, waves and bold expressions of colour.
The main contributor to colour I found was to be L'Oreal, as worldwide number one in hair colour, their commitment to you is to combine the latest technology with the widest colour choice to consistently bring you expert quality and results.
Use L'Oreal's virtual colour imaging tool at
The salon look for each and every woman in Rome is a must, but equally so for the dominant male population. Not one man I saw looked out of place with a well cut suit, sun glasses and slicked hair in the humid weather; I think if the British Male was to adopt the same look, a look of confusion would probably adorn the faces of British women alike.
Men taking a pride in their appearance should not be foreign tradition, but that shared internationally. I feel UKHairdressers could contribute in some small way to this revelation we should bestow upon our men - Joe Grooming products offer daily shampoos and conditioners, grooming creams and shaving gels to give hold and shine.
My advice for the continental look: Women - Give yourself an injection of hair colour, look to have longer more natural looking locks and don't worry if this can't be achieved by a little mousse and scrunch drying. Tongs are the answer, Karma rollers and large round brushes, with the right styling product you'll be sorry you never tried the look before.
Men- Clean shaven, with complementary rugged 'big' hair is a must, the new Urban Elements range can be found at to help you achieve the Italian Stallion look!!
Claire Baker 17th May 2004

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