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How to curl using straighteners
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Will Feature each week on UKHairdressers. Look for the link on the home page hair expert Leo Bancroft shows you how to curl your hair using straighteners.

The curl look is very much 'in' at the moment, but not everyone wants to commit to a perm. Life is much easier with the 'curl and go' approach, and this can be achieved by using a girl's best friend.... her straighteners!

Wash and dry your hair as normal, then use clips to section hair, leaving an area free to start curling.Next, select enough hair for your first curl, an amount about half an inch square will give a nice curl.

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• Don't close the straighteners too tightly when curling, you don't want to pull or drag the hair.

• Preparing your hair with styling products prior to curling with straighteners, will increase the life of your curls and retain the shape you want.

• Finishing off with a fixing hair spray when you've created your curls, will protect against moisture and humidity making them drop.

• Most straighteners can be used to curl hair. The next generation of straighteners are now incorporating rounded barrels to further enhance the option to curl.

• For a greater choice of curl size, conical curling wands offer an effective alternative.
The secret of using straighteners to curl hair, is in the angle. Normally to straighten hair you run them down through the length of your hair, with the tool held horizontally.

To use straighteners to curl your hair, they need to be angled vertically as shown by Leo, and moved slowly down in a slow winding motion around the hair. Working with them in a similar way to using curling tongs. This action results in nice smooth curls.

For lots of curls and lift, work through as many sections of hair as you like. For an alternative look, just add some random curls and mingle them with the rest of your hair.

The bigger the section of hair you curl around the straightener - the larger, more open the curl result will be.

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