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Hair Loss Can Affect Anyone

Find out about the causes and solutions of Hair Loss


Causes of Hair Loss

  Hair Loss - a growing problem
Before You See A Specialist
Rare causes of hair loss
Blondes have less hair

Hair Loss Solutions

  Mind Over Matter
Hair Loss Secrets
Best Way To Shampoo Hair
Wigs: Trevor Sorbie ‘My New Hair

Tony Maleedy Tricholigist
25 years experience
Ask the Experts...

  Hair Transplants
Hair Facts & Myths

Find a UK Hair Clinic
Search for a Hair Loss or Transplant clicnic
in the United Kingdom


Hairloss Advice

I am looking for a new hairstyle that would suit my round/fat face. I currently have long (past my shoulders) hair with...
ANSWERED BY Matthew David
My daughter has a devastating knot in her curly hair and googles advice of moraccan and argan oil made it worse! Every t...
ANSWERED BY Marion Burns
I have long hair which is quite thick and I also have lots of it! I am really worried as it has started to break off/fa...
ANSWERED BY Tony Maleedy
Hi, please give me some advice. I am 25 and receding a bit at the front, I would like a trendy hair style that is a bit...
Please Help Me! I have been losing my hair since I was 25 and now I am 4 weeks away from my wedding and over the years ...
ANSWERED BY Charlotte Murray
My hair is fine to begin with but has been getting much thinner in the last 2/3 years that I have noticed it and maybe t...
ANSWERED BY Gary Sunderland


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