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Causes of Hair Loss

  Hair Loss - a growing problem
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Hair Loss Solutions

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Hairloss Advice

I want to have thick hair day by day I am losing my thickness as there is nobody in our family has baldness or hereditar...
ANSWERED BY Tony Maleedy
About six weeks ago, I straightened my hair. Ever since then I have had a really itchy scalp with hair loss. Iíve used H...
ANSWERED BY Jason Kearns
My hair has always been really thin but not too long ago it started getting way to thin at the top middle front about wh...
My hair is very fine, but the last 6 months or so it seems to be getting worse and my scalp is beginning to show. I don'...
ANSWERED BY Jason Kearns
I am 33 years old and have just had my 2nd child 9 months ago, I am losing a lot of hair each time I wash and comb the a...
ANSWERED BY Tony Maleedy
Hi Iím 14 and Iíve noticed that a lot of my hair started falling out... i stared dying my hair red a few months ago coul...
ANSWERED BY Gary Sunderland


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Hairloss Tips

Top Tips for Hair Growth. Once youíve decided that you have the signs of hair loss developing, donít waste anymore time worrying about it, start taking some positive steps in the right direction...

Hairloss Secrets

Hair is made up of 97% protein. People from different parts of the world have wondered how to increase extra protein for building new hair. One idea has been to get extra protein into the hair using 6-8 drops of fresh lemon juice to an egg....

Hairloss- Where to start

Everyoneís an expert these days, when it comes to the subject of hair loss! Doctors, scientists, clinics all have their own views on the causes and treatments of this distressing problem. A high proportion of men and women will experience the effects of thinning hair or bald spots at some point in their lives....





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