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• Controls
• Use your own image
• Issues with Internet Explorer 7.0
• Add UKhairdressers to trusted sites
• Saving your image
• What is my Face Shape?
• What Style would suit me best?
• What colour would suit me best?

Hold your mouse over each button to see its function

To resize the face either use buttons provided or clear all other objects out of the way and click and drag face to resize it.

To change wig click on change wig button and then click on a thumbnail on the right.
To change specs click on change specs button and then click on a thumbnail on the right.

To see more thumbnails click on the button.

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To use you own image

1. Click browse button on menu.
2. Browse to the location of that image on your PC
(in your image you must be facing forward with your hair tied out of the way and you face being the majority of your picture)
3. Your image will be displayed in the left panel.
4. Using the facial resize buttons, resize your image so your face is roughly the same size as the example image provided.
5. Problems uploading your image
If you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer (7.0 or higher) then there is a security issue that you might have to rectify. To use this feature you must add to your trusted sites list.(Click here)

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 How to add Ukhairdressers to your trusted sites list.
1. Open your browser and navigate to the page
2. Click on your Tools button and choose Internet Options from the dropdown menu (or Hold down your Alt key and press O then release alt key and press O again)
3. Click on the Security tab on the pop up window
4. Click on the Trusted sites button (or press T on your keyboard)
5. Click on the sites button (or hold down your Alt key and press S)

In the text box marked Add this website to the zone: enter the url of this site
7. Remove the tick from the checkbox that says Require Server Verification (https:)
8. Click on the Add button
Done. Close all windows and the feature should now work.

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Saving your image
To save your image simply Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and then press the PrtSC/SysRq key. This copies the current screen onto your clipboard where it can then be pasted into an art package like PAINT. Crop the image as desired.

Hold Down the ALT key

Then press the PrtSC/SysRq key

Then Open Paint

Start >>> All Programs >>>Accessories >>>Paint

Then Click on Edit and then paste

This will paste your image into paint. You will notice that the image also contains the controls etc. To remove all this you need to crop the image or copy the area you wish to keep and paste it as a new image.
Click on the select button and draw a box around just your area of the full image that you want to keep. Click Edit and then Copy. Click Edit and Paste to paste your new image and save.

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How do I know what shape face I have?
All you need is a mirror, Alice band and never to be used again lipstick.

1. Sit in front of the mirror and slick your hair back with the Alice band.

2. Use the lipstick to draw around your face in the mirror. Move away from the mirror and look at the shape.

3. Now click on what style would suit me best to find the best styles for your own face shape

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