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hello, i have a 3 year old girl with a nasty habit of hair chewing, no matter how much i tie it back. i know she is swallowing a substantial amount, which can be unhealthy, and her hair is very split and shredded at the front. i want to break the habit by cutting it short. can anyone recommend a style and cutting method that will take it out of her reach? furthermore, she has curly hair, which is dropping a bit now that it is shoulder length, especially as it is always tied back. i would like to restore her beautiful curls if possible.

hey, my hair is a mid brown but id love my hair to be a reddy ginger colour, can a hairdresser turn my hair that colour without having to bleach it? as i donít think my hair could take anymore bleach

about two years ago i started highlighting my natural dark blonde hair. a year on i then decided to go blonder and blonder! eventually i ended up bleaching my hair and the continued on to use a platinum hair dye. my problem now, is that the bleach is growing out and any colour i try and put over the top is going grey. i have tried going darker but that washed out and went a dull grey colour! i have also tried using colourb4 colour remover which left my whole head of hair the same yellowy blonde colour, but after a few washes it has now faded back to grey with yellowy roots(where there is no bleach). it looks awful!! how can i get back to a goldeny blonde highlighted look!? please help! would lowlights and highlights combined give me and all round more natural look? iím going to a salon next time! x

hi, i have naturally dark honey blond hair and iíve never dyed it before so i thought iíd try a temporary color for a change, so i got the wella color fresh in red mahogany shade, even thought it says it washes out completely iím still worried it would affect my natural hair color, any help?

hi,its about time i start a routine and figure out what products work for me. my hair length is about a inch or two maybe even three past my shoulders.. itís moderately thick. i am a black young adult female and for the past year i had no relaxer up until recently as well as i was getting sew ins for that year too. so, early/middle november i had got a relaxer and my ins clipped... stylist said no signs of damage was present. i have done relaxers on myself and they were always done correctly and successfully. my question .. when i got my relaxer it wasnít left on long enough i guess because i havenít had one for a year. my ends are poofy while the top is relaxed as well as i still have some previous new growth before the relaxer as well as after. it makes it impossible for me to do anything should i relax again?

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