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The most Frequently Asked Questions

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• Hi, I want to know what colour hair would best suit me. I have had blonde hair my whole life, I have hazel eyes and brown eyebrows, I have a redish undertone and my veins look blue in the light. If it also helps I use the colour Classic Ivory foundation to match my skin tone. Would a light brown look good on me or maybe a lighter blonde? Any suggestions? thank you.

• My hair gets greasy every day and I donít want my hair to be greasy anymore what do I do!!!!?????

• Hello Mr Woolley,
I found the baby hairs at the front of my hairline very annoying, so I cut them off with nail scissors. I have had to do that now 4 times, as they keep growing back thicker. Every time, I accidently cut off more. I just used hair remover cream as I feel a LOT of discomfort and irritation on my hairline, and even all the way below that, nearly down to the eyebrow. I donít understand why this should be, or what can I do?? I never had this discomfort until yesterday, and it has got worse today, hence I used the cream. It feels very sensitive, as though there are hair waving on my forehead but I know there are not. What can I do about this?? Sorry this is such a stupid question but my own solutions are making things worse!

• Can you recommend a curling iron that will work well, but wonít do too much damage to my hair? I love my hair in curls, but the only wand Iíve found that makes lasting curls is my Jose Eber. Unfortunately, itís been frying my hair and the damage is starting to show. What should I look for in a curling iron so that I know the curls will really last, but it wonít destroy my hair?

• I am a 17 year old girl with wavy hair and the major problem with my hair is that it is becoming dry and brittle..with a lot of frizz and split ends. I have heard that these are the basic signs of hair loss. But nobody in my family has a hair loss problem, so could it be down to poor diet as I donít use styling tools either? Whenever I tie a ponytail, I see small hairs on top looking lifeless and frizzy. What could be the root of the problem and what can I do to tackle this? Iíd appreciate your advice.

More common FAQs

My hair is very fine, it seems to be getting worse and my scalp is beginning to show. I don't know if it is getting thinner or if I am losing my hair. I am getting quite paranoid about looking bald. Is there anything I can do to make my hair thicker or make my roots appear thicker so my scalp doesn't show through? I have to wash my hair every day, will this be making it worse? I have considered extensions but don't really want any high maintenance styling also I have heard they are expensive to have done!

If you don't colour your hair you might want to think about making it darker if it's on the light shade, being darker it will give the illusion of being thicker and the colour will give it more body. You might also like to consider a hair loss concealer such as DermMatch available in various shades.

I have mid-length fine hair and recently it has been getting really greasy. I wash my hair every morning as I suffer from really bad bed head. I have tried loads of different shampoos and refrain from using conditioner. I am becoming very conscious that people will notice the greasiness! What steps can I take to stop it getting so greasy?

A really simple and effective way of helping stop this is in your routine when washing your hair. On your final rinse (after rinsing out the shampoo) turn the water to cool or cold if you can stand it. This will help cool down your scalp. Ensure when you are washing your hair that you only apply a light massaging technique when shampooing as if you are too heavy at this stage it will only stimulate your sebaceous glands and promote more oil production.

Lastly try using a spray in conditioner through the mid lengths and ends to avoid the conditioner coming into contact with your scalp.

If you follow this then you should notice a reduction in the natural oil on your scalp keeping your hair easier to manage.


My hair is falling out like crazy! I straighten my hair 5 days a week, and for about a year and a half it has been fine. About a month ago, it started coming out when I brushed it, straightened it, showered, and it will not stop! What can I do, besides not straightening it? Is there even a solution?

Straightening your hair without the correct products is not going to help your hair condition but it certainly would not cause your hair to fall out! Are you under any stress at the moment?

Generally speaking, your hair will only fall out excessively if you have had a shock or under any stress. Did you know that on average we lose about one hundred hairs a day? Maybe you have always lost some hair but are noticing it more now. We recommend these products to any of our clients who are suffering hair loss Revivogen hair Loss Treatment Pack 1 Genesis Gift Pack

I have really fine straight hair which I am bored with I try curling it with tongs, irons everything and it never holds I am thinking about getting some sort of perm I really want to achieve loose waves I am not sure whether this can be achieved through perms?

I do not think you would achieve the result that you want with the perm. Try using a volumising lotion before you dry your hair like Hair Volume Lotion by J F Lazartigue After drying try curling your hair with the straighteners, take approximately an square inch of hair, clip it with the irons and twist 180 degrees then gently slide the irons down slowly so you will create a strong curl, do not worry if its a bit to curly to start with as it would soften through the day. Alternatively after you done this you can pin your hair with Velcro rollers upwards, until its cool and then gently take them out, do not worry if your hair, again, is too curly as it would become softer, sometimes the lasting of curls in your hair could depend of the length and hair cut of it, try a few layers.

Why is my hair so greasy?


Firstly invest in a specific oily scalp shampoo and always wash your hair with luke warm water and not hot as this makes the scalp produce more oil.

Also try having some colour through your hair because this tends to prevent your hair going greasy as quick. Highlights would probably be the best thing!


Help I would love my dry and frizzy hair to be shiny and straight?


Hundreds of years ago, the great iconic figure of seduction and alluring beauty, Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra, used a precious essential oil called Cyperus which gave her silky, velvet like hair.

New luxury product Orofluido Oil contains Cyperus Oil and a number of natural, exotic oils making Orofluido the ultimate conditioning hair product. With just a few drops, blow-drying time can be cut by up to 20% and hair will be restored with a luminous shine and lustre that Cleopatra herself would be proud of.


My hair is so fine and when I am blow waving it, it tangles easily?


Eliminate this problem at the conditioning stage. Apply conditioner and, before rinsing out, use a wide-toothed comb taking care not to tug at the hair as this causes it to break easily. When ready to sculpt and style, use a combination of serum and gel which will increase your hairís manageability and give extra definition and shine.

Lanza do a fantastic range called Volume


I have ruined my hair through years of colouring and perming my hair. What can I do to get my hair to a better condition?

Biolustre is the worldís first product clinically proven to repair damaged hair due to colour treatments, perms, straightening and daily damage

Biolustrť is a revolutionary new hair system. In clinical studies Biolustrť actually left the hair as much as 300% stronger after multiple chemical services.

Biolustrť Revive Instant Repair uses a patent pending polymer bonding process called Lustreloc Technology. It is this technology that allows the product to actually penetrate the hair shaft and bond to the inner cortex of the hair

By bonding to the inner layers of the hair it creates increased tensile strength without the fear of washing it out. It is this strength that gives the hair the feel and shine of virgin hair.


I have long straight hair, I can achieve the curls that everyone is wearing?


Probably the best invention since GHDís! What they did for straight hair, the amazing Babyliss Pro Conical Wand does for glorious curly and wavy hair.

The looks you can create with this magic wand will keep you right on trend with all the latest styles.


My hair is so thin you can see my scalp? Please help I am a lady and it is ruining my social life?

DermMatch is an instant hair loss treatment trusted by dermatologists and hair restoration surgeons. Itís recommended for female hair loss, male pattern baldness, alopecia areata and hair transplants. It works instantly, adding spectacular fullness to thin hairs while causing the scalp to disappear.

It looks natural and you can brush it, swim with it or sweat with it. Any shampoo removes it. DermMatch will not affect the growth of your hair and is rich in emollients that soften and moisturize your skin.


Since pregnancy, I have had a lot of little "new" hair growing in at the top of my head, and a lot of frizzy flyaways, is there something I can do to fix this?


Unfortunately there is little you can do for this problem, HOWEVER, this is very common and a good sign of health after pregnancy. New hair is usually found on hair lines or crowns and a soft wax or serum can help to disguise unruly flyaway strands.


I love my red hair, how can I keep the colour bright in between going to the Salon.


Revlon was so on the ball with this winner.

A great way to give your colour a lift between salon visits, with rich ingredients and a subtle fragrance, Nutri Color revives and refreshes your colour in just three minutes.

Rediscover the blonde you want to be, the vibrant copper red head turner or the sultry rich brunette. Revlon have a shade to suit any hair colour and the deep conditioning treatment will leave your hair moisturised and smooth, with a mirror like shine.

Contains no ammonia or peroxide and the acid pH respects your hairís integrity.

An instant hair colour combined with a nourishing treatment.

Colour treatment, specially designed for coloured hair


About 4 months ago I finished an intense 6 month chemotherapy treatment. Luckily I did not lose all of my hair but it did thin down. I have naturally curly hair but prior to having chemo I had it chemically straightened and coloured (this is before finding out about my cancer). Now my hair seems to be neither here or there. If I do not use styling mousses or leave-in conditioners it looks horrible, very frizzy and the top part is the new hair coming through and it looks wavy the bottom half is straight but looks very dry, when left out it is below shoulder length. I have tried numerous amounts of products recommended by hairdressers here in Australia, but none have helped. It is very depressing as prior to having the chemo my hair was extremely long (1/4 up from my backside) and plentiful. Any help that you can recommend will be greatly appreciated.

I am sorry to learn of your illness and subsequent problems with your hair. I have just set up a website called which gives details of exactly what happens to your hair during and after chemo and explains what to expect. In your case you have been lucky not to lose all of your hair. Have a look at my website and I am sure you will find reassurance. May I suggest that in the short term you have your hair cut to perhaps bob length, treat it to lots of conditioning treatments, eat healthily and basically you will find in no time it will look and feel better. Good luck

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