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my daughter is 8. she has a long thin face, with semi thin, blonde curly/wavy hair. its constantly in a big rats nest. i have day in day out struggles with getting her to brush her hair let alone put it up, out of her face. iím trying to find a hair style the is low maintenance, out of the face, less tangles, but still could be put up if needed. please help

hi, i have two little girls, 16 months and 3 years old. the are mixed race. white and a quarter caribbean. please can you advise me on the best hair care routine and hair care products for their hair. many thanks

hello. i have 2 daughters (11 and 12) who are quickly have turned into teenagers before i was ready for it.

they are both looking to update their hairstyles and get something a bit more on trend. my issue is that i have tried a number of hairdressers with them over the past few years that we have lived in london. everyone so far treats them like children and gives a very simple, 10-minute cut.

i have tried calling the salons in advance and requesting an adult cut. i am willing to pay more to get the right style and to have someone who will talk to them and provide advice. still no luck.

do you have any advice on finding a stylist that is sympathetic to the situation and can give a cut that is more grown up and appropriate for that age (i.e. low maintenance yet trendy and fresh)?

hello, i have a 3 year old girl with a nasty habit of hair chewing, no matter how much i tie it back. i know she is swallowing a substantial amount, which can be unhealthy, and her hair is very split and shredded at the front. i want to break the habit by cutting it short. can anyone recommend a style and cutting method that will take it out of her reach? furthermore, she has curly hair, which is dropping a bit now that it is shoulder length, especially as it is always tied back. i would like to restore her beautiful curls if possible.

hey, my hair is a mid brown but id love my hair to be a reddy ginger colour, can a hairdresser turn my hair that colour without having to bleach it? as i donít think my hair could take anymore bleach