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i have had long hair since i was a young girl, i am approaching 40 and think that i need a new look. i have a long face and some people have told me i would suit my hair shorter. are there any styles that are good for long face shapes that are current and wonít be too dramatic. i also have brown hair and i would like to be a little more adventurous, i am pale with brown eyes. can you recommend anything that would suit me.

i am reconsidering my colour, i have very pale skin in winter and choose not to wear lots of fake tan to keep my complexion looking warmer. i just think my hair colour is to harsh against my skin tone and i am not sure what to do. i like to keep to the seasons fashions and wondered if you have any advice. my hair is long and thick.

thanks helen.

i need a hair cut style that suits me and make me more attractive. would u please suggest me some of the hair cut style?

looking forward for positive response.

hi i am getting utip/nail tip hair extensions put in my hair. i have very fine hair so my stylists suggested this type of method for me. also, i was wondering if you know anything about they claim to be 100% indian remy hair and have many great reviews, they are priced at $120 per 50 grams i wanted to know if these extensions are really as great as they say they are because im looking into investing in good good quality hair and donít want to waste my money! thank you. so much for taking the time to help me out

help! i recently moved to new mexico, canít get my colour done correctly and am going to try it myself. my previous hairdresser, before i moved, used loreal professional platinium and i donít know what else. he would apply something all over my roots, on scalp, no heat, to lift my dark blonde to a buttery, bright blonde. he would run this product all the way to the ends of my blonde hair to "get the gold out." then rinse, dry, and paint on highlights with the loreal platinium in lovely, natural and wide bands.

what is this method called? iím also wondering how i find a product to lift the root color, what that is called, and how to determine the tone of blonde? i was told not to use box color as bleach is better in the long run. can i use something to lift the root like eric did and then paint on the platinium?

iím going for this:

something bright, butter, super blonde but not white like gwen stephani.

any help is much appreciated!!!

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