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Spring has definitely sprung and its wedding season again. Top-end boutiques are all sporting Mother-Of-The-Bride outfits in their windows and delicate shades of pink, lemon and baby blue are all around us. And although our usual choices of perfume these days tend to be sophisticated, head fragrances, the perfume houses all agree that brides almost always choose to wear a floral fragrance on their wedding day.

After all, what could be more romantic and princess-like than a delicate rose or gardenia fragrance - so clean and pure and perfect for the occasion. Be careful with florals though - synthetic florals can be quite 'sour' smelling, especially rose, so look for one that contains pure blends of rose oil.
For the whole experience, try L'Occitanes Rose Riennes range which blends the oils from four difference regions and truly does smell like a fresh bouquet of roses. Treat yourself to the soap, shower gel, body lotion and eau de parfum for an all over experience - perfect for bridesmaid gifts too, L'Occitane provide a free gift wrapping service of beautiful quality.

Or for an unusual ladies table-favour, pop one of their tiny soaps into an organza pouch, perhaps with a few dried rose petals, to remind your guests of the bride's fragrance.

If you're planning an early holiday abroad this year don't forget to adjust your skin routine accordingly.

In the UK we are still having some unsettled weather and windy conditions which will mean that you may still be using a 'winter quality' moisturiser - especially if you have a drier skin. But this will probably prove to be too heavy in a hotter climate and could cause breakouts.

Warmer weather does not mean you should do without a moisturiser though as your skin will still need hydration. Go for something that's a little lighter in texture to prevent clogging pores - cream gels, a combination of light cream with a gel - like formula are ideal for holiday use as they absorb easily yet still provide the hydration that the skin needs.

Try L'Oreal for these as they have some lovely formulas. And a soothing freshener is a must for hot weather - Liz Earles instant boost freshener is calming and gentle and comes in fabulous 'spritz' version too.

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