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In this Edition of Beauty News we thought we would feature the ever-present institution - Avon. Their brochures have been dropping through our doors now for 125 years!

It's not just the products we like but we admire the fact that Avon has given many women (and men) the chance to earn extra income at times when a full-time job might not be possible.

Young Mum's are often able to fit Avon calling around their families and part-time workers often boost their income with this familiar way of selling. We also think Avon offers good value for money - offering quality products at reasonable prices. So next time a brochure lands on your doorstep take a little time to check out some of our favourites.

• Senses shower gel in Mystique fragrance. We loved the gently floral, sensual aroma of this gel which leaves the skin gently perfumed and really soft.

• Naturals shower gel in Lemon Blossom and Basil. This is a really zingy, citrus fragrance guaranteed to wake up a sluggish body in your morning shower. Also super refreshing after the gym.

• Naturals room and linen spray in Black Cherry. This has an absolutely fabulous fragrance, really warm and fruity, a particularly good fragrance for the kitchen after cooking. We also love this in the hallway for a really welcoming scent.

• Solutions Cellu-Sculpt with roller ball massaging head. We fell in love with this fabulous product! It's an innovative way to tackle lumpy, bumpy thigh and upper arm areas. We enjoyed the massaging motion and the olive extract cream really seemed to make a difference on those difficult to treat areas. Best used on a regular basis, see of it can make a difference for you.

• Skin So Soft dry body oil in Satin Sheer. Dry oils are a fabulous way fabulous way of body moisturizing for those in a hurry. We all know we should moisturize after our bath or shower but sometimes it's hard to find that extra time. An all-over spritz with this beautiful spray onto slightly damp skin will lock in moisture and add a lovely satin look to the skin. A super fast way to super soft skin.

• 8 in 1 Eye Palette in Smoky Eyes or Neutral Tones. Both of these eye palettes are extremely wearable and great value for money. The shadows are good quality with great staying power and we felt the colour choices in each palette were perfect. There something for everyone here with colours to take you from day to night - we feel you'll use practically every colour in the box.

• Perfumed Body Sprays in various fragrances. With summer coming up it's really useful to pop a little body spray into your handbag to freshen up during the day. A spritz of fragrance at lunch time or tea break can lift your mood, or if you're a mum on the go it's great to freshen up after a play group session before meeting friends for coffee. After trying many sprays we finally narrowed our favourites down to Far Away, Viva Chic, External Magic and Jet Femme.

Avon are also great supporters of women's issues, so look out for products which support breast cancer charities as well as those which aim to help with victims of domestic violence. Here's to the next 125 Years!

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