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Kebelos Top Three Post-Workout Styles

Now that the mornings are brighter and lighter, and with Summer only a couple of months away, squeezing in a few early morning gym sessions each week is high on the weekly agenda. The only problem with a pre-work workout is It leaves us with very little time to ensure our post-workout hair looks stylish and polished enough for the office / school run / brunch date. Whatís needed is a collection of go-to styles that are as chic and modern as they are quick and easy, and that require very few products and even fewer styling tools. Here are Kebeloís current favourite post-workout looks:

The half bun

Cooler than a ponytail and easy to achieve, this style is the ultimate post-training look. Thereís no need to wash hair, as this look holds better on hair that isnít squeaky-clean Ė another reason this is ideal after a sweaty gym class! Use a tiny amount of Kebelo Velvet Curls Defining Cream (£15.95) through damp hair, to boost the hairís natural wave and add extra texture. Pull hair from around the crown in to a half ponytail and secure, twisting the ends in to a messy bun.


Ideal for work, this is a timeless, simple and elegant look thatís perfectly polished enough for the boardroom. A deep cleanse is essential to this look. Kebeloís Clarifying Shampoo (£14.95) acts as an exfoliator on the hair and scalp, ridding it of all the sweat, product build-up and nasty impurities that leave it looking lifeless, limp, heavy and dull. This wonder product leaves hair ridiculously clean and oozing shine Ė the ideal foundation for creating this style. It is also a great multi-tasking product, doubling up as an effective skin cleanser for the body, which means one less product to put in your gym bag!

The messy braid

A massive trend this year is the messy braid and itís one that works perfectly post-workout, as itís ridiculously easy to achieve: it can pretty much be created without the need for a mirror. Although itís an easy look to re-create, itís a style that could easily cross the line from messy chic to just plain messy if hair isnít smooth and frizz-free to start with. Luckily, with the Kebelo ADVANTAGE in-salon treatment (£99) you can enjoy smooth, glossy, frizz-free hair after every wash, for up to 100 days. All you then need to do is braid and go!

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