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Hair Tips for a well groomed weekend or special Date Night

with Tedís Master Barber

Hair Tips for a well groomed weekend or special Date Night Itís not all about the girls, guys like to make a special effort too, whether it be a first date or a date night with your nearest and dearest.On this most romantic of nights, you need to be pristine from head to toe - starting with a dashing haircut.

We recommend a visit to Tedís Grooming Room within twenty-four hours of date night, so you can turn up with a professionally styled haircut still intact.

If this isnít possible, have a trim four days before which will allow for the little bit of growth that makes it easier for clients to style their own hair. It is paramount to choose a look that you feel comfortable wearing; confidence is the key to a successful date and if you look sharp, youíll feel good Ė and so will she. If you prefer to stick with the tried and trusted, ask your barber for ďthe usual.Ē If on the other hand youíre the adventurous type, you can discuss a few options once youíre in the barberís chair.

If you do leave yourself short on hair styling time on the day, eschew a wash and blow dry in favour of brushing your hair into the desired shape before applying product throughout for hold and then applying definition with the fingertips. Remember to groom yourself before dressing Ė nobody likes a gel-crusted lapel!

Of course, your hair needs to retain its panache throughout the date. The best way of safeguarding your style is to blow dry into shape before applying any product. Alternatively, finish your regime with a touch of hairspray.

Get your hair right, and the rest will follow.

Tedís Master Barber

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