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Top Tips on employee motivation...
Welcome to Shortcuts Top Tips. Each month we send out some top tips that are business focused and offer advice on what salons can do to improve their bottom lines. So sit back and read on...

How can salons and spas motivate their employees?

Motivating a work force is easy – especially when done now and again. But, to motivate your employees on an ongoing basis, making sure everyone is working together and the salon or spa floor is a happy place to work, might appear to be a little harder, but with some good organisation and plan in place it really is easy.

Below Ian Egerton, from ICO Management Services – specialist salon and spa consultants, shares his proven tips on how to motivate your workforce.

Motivation - A great tool that is easy to use!

Would you describe yourself as an inspirational leader? Are you a great communicator? Whether you are naturally gifted in these areas or not you will get the best results from your team by using a combination of management and leadership styles.

For best results encourage individuals to work towards their own goals and gradually introduce shared company goals; for example client retention, increased retail sales, re-booking etc. to encourage your team to work together!

Build a good dialogue with your team; do this by using a combination of positive focused team meetings, one-on-ones and performance evaluations (or appraisals). This gives you the opportunity to communicate with your team, it doesn’t single anyone out – and you can review all areas of performance giving recognition and direction where appropriate.

Observe staff dynamics; how do your team work best? Who works well with who? Who has a negative effect on who? Work carefully with each individual to bring him/her (subtly) to a more positive attitude.

Incentivise your team; you will best incentivise an employee by finding out what they really want. Don’t assume people are interested in the same things as you! Use a bonus structure that rewards the right behaviours rather than just focusing on financial targets – focus on the things that are important i.e. numbers of clients, client spend and numbers of retail units etc. Create a positive focus to encourage a great client experience.

Give recognition or direction, either is good but don’t stay silent! Most people perform best when driven, and not when left to their own devices!

With several team members enjoying personal success you will create a positive atmosphere, thus motivating everyone to want to achieve more. Once you are at a place where your team want to share success, you have created momentum, which ultimately generates a happy, productive and profitable work place.

The art of motivation is often understated and certainly under used! Be purposeful in your communication and create positive attitudes within your business.

All the best
Ian Egerton
Tel: 0208 903 1286

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