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 DIY Celebrity Style
Always wanted to know how Cheryl gets so much volume, how Pixie gets her shiny locks or how to achieve Kesha's messy 'dos? Then follow our top tips and make your own glamorous hair statement.
I’ll show you step-by-step how to achieve the most talked about celebrity hairstyles from glamourous red carpet updos to the hottest catwalk trends...........


KESHA made a big and bold statement at the American Music Awards with her mohawk-inspired do. This style is perfect if you want to stand out in a crowd!

• It is best to wash your hair 48 hours beforehand.

• Apply mouse to dry hair and brush through.

• Now, at the sides of your head, apply a gum or gel product such as JF Lazartigue Hair Styling Gel and brush tight and close to your head to get the ‘shaved off’ effect.

• You can secure it in three parts or four to make it easier with a clear band. Just make sure it’s central!

• Once you’ve done that, starting from the nape of your neck, backcomb one inch sections. How much you do here is totally up to you - if you want to go wild, make sure you spray each section with a firm hold spray such as Neal & Wolf Fix Hold & Shine Spray .

• To jazz it up a bit you could even use a glitter spray such as He-Shi Glitter Spray on the sides - rather than wear silver eyebrows!

• Keep your fringe out (if you have one) and backcomb from back to front.

• Make sure you blitz all over with hairspray and you’re ready to rock it!

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  Hannah Mlatem is a stylist based in South Wales. She specialises in artistic looks and originality and has had a passion for hair since receiving her first barbie doll! A trained journalist, Hannah’s day job is writing for daily and weekly papers but her true flair is for hair. Her work has been featured in fashion shows, model shoots and weddings. Hannah also works alongside renowned celebrity stylist Phillip Mungeam at The Room in Usk, South Wales.

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