Catherine Bell Hairstyles

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Catherine Bell

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Date of Birth: Wednesday, August 14, 1968
Age: 47
Starsign: Leo

Catherine was born in London, England, on August 14, 1968. Her father, Peter, born in Britain, worked as an architect in London and her mother, Mina, born in Iran, worked as a nurse. An only child, she and her mother (after her parents divorced in Britain) emigrated from England to the United States when she was three years old. Interestingly, she considered herself a British subject until 1998, when she discovered by accident that at the age of 12 she had become a naturalized American citizen. Catherine and her mother lived in Los Angeles, where they stayed, at first, with her motherís parents. During Catherineís early school years, she was a bit of a tomboy; however, by Grade 11 she began to adopt a more feminine attitude.


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